Filmlocation Salzburg

Salzburg is not only an ideal venue for many TV and film productions because of its beauty and history an ideal venue, Salzburg is also the location of famous film company and an university of applied sciences as a training center, which round off the profile of the film location.

To strengthen this position and the Salzburg film industry, the filmlocation was established in the StandortAgentur Salzburg
This service and counseling center offers both bundled assistance and services especially as a first contact point ("first-stop shop") for commercial film and television productions

What services does the filmlocation offer?

  1. Advice on funding for films
  2. Coordination between different foundations supporting films
  3. Help with finding locations
  4. Support and contacts with administrative agencies
  5. Contact to film technology service providers, crews, equipment, accomodation, etc. 

An overallview of the film location of Salzburg can be found in our online-Folder!

A special service is the FILM PRODUCTION GUIDE SALZBURG. Here you will find different categories-by-selectable Salzburg service in the film-sector

Regulations, support of the State of Salzburg for commercial film productions

The state of Salzburg has created its own “film supporting pot” for the promotion of commercial film productions and issued appropriate regulations to do so. In particular, the tourist promotional effect for the state of Salzburg is a guideline for assessing the eligibility of a project. Furthermore, an impulse for national and international film and TV producers should be set to position the state and city of Salzburg more intense than ever as a proven filmlocation.

The overall economic benefits of Salzburg ("Salzburg effect" and "Salzburg film industry effect") is in the center of the state’s interest.

(Regulations, support for commercial film productions)

Facts & Figures about the support for film productions in Salzburg

    • 106 supported projects (since 2002) 
    • Total generated revenue: 27,4 milion Euros
    • Active funding for films:  7 million Euros
    • 285 milion viewers
    • Around  1320 days of shooting in 10 years, on average 132 shooting-days per year, which means about 11 days per month

An extract of known actors and actresses,  who have already worked on a movie in Salzburg:

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Nicolas Cage, Christoph Waltz, Danny Boon, Maximilian Schell, Peter Weck, Peter Simonischek. Nicholas Ofczarek, Christine Neubauer, Fritz Wepper, Erol Sander, Iris Berben, Kostja Ullmann, Roman Knižka, Erni Mangold, Barbara Wussow, Elisabeth Lanz, Jessica Schwarz, Gaby Dohm, Alexandra Neldel, Simon Schwarz, Fritz Karl, Karl Merkatz, Valerie Niehaus, Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl, Elfi Eschke, Nina Proll, Mirjam Weichselbraun and many more.

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